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Review by Lena 









When our family moved to Tampa in 2010, our son was struggling. He was almost 4 years old and hardly speaking. Today, he is an entirely different child with an entirely different future. While his language remains delayed, he has narrowed the gap considerably and speaks in full sentences, being quite skilled at communicating what he wants. He tells stories, he laughs, he plays make believe, and he even stretches the truth at times like his normally developing peers. Socially, he is thriving and from a small distance, you wouldn’t think he is on the autism spectrum. He seeks out other children, plays cooperatively, and talks constantly at home about his friends at school. He is in the second grade now and is on target academically. One of the most powerful influences on his remarkable development has been school. We were extremely fortunate to find Lighthouse Center for Creative Learning (LCCL). This school has been a true blessing for our family. The teachers are dedicated, compassionate, and flexible. They work with the students, the families, the therapists, and whoever else can help our children. The school leadership is dedicated to doing whatever it can to promote the greatest benefit for the students and they are highly knowledgeable about what interventions work for particular children. And they don’t just teach. They shape, mold, model, and build behaviors and programs that work. While no school is “perfect,” LCCL comes as close as humanly possible and I think what sets it apart is the fact that the entire school views its mission as just that – a mission to help children and their families to the best of their abilities. Our son is living proof of what the right environment can do for a child on the spectrum, and LCCL does everything in its power to create that right environment. We owe a debt to LCCL that we can never repay – our son’s future which is simply priceless.