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Elementary School K-5th

A safe and nurturing place to learn...

At LCCL, we believe that the curriculum must be relevant to the student in order for learning to occur. We believe that a school should consider the whole child, not just their mind. We believe that a child's feelings should be considered and their interests should help form instruction. We believe that a school should teach a child how to embrace change because change is inevitible.
We believe that people construct their understanding of the world through prior knowledge and that learners actively construct their own undestanding of reality through interaction with objects, events and people. We believe that students need to be interested and make learning their own. We believe that students should be taught the importance of knowing and understanding their uniqueness and God-given destiny. 
We believe that learning should be fun, hands-on and, at times, messy. We believe that formative assessments are more important that annual tests, and that homework should be purpose driven and never assigned as busy work. We believe that the old model of teacher centered education, where students are forced to study irrelevant facts and dates, cram for final exams and only one type of intelligence is celebrated, is fading away. We believe the way we embrace our students, their potential, and the way we teach should be anchored in God's love.
At Lighthouse, we celebrate all of God's children, and we believe in multiple intelligences. This is what we believe, and we invite you to come and "see" our heart in action by touring our school. Call us today!
Our 3 Level Program

Middle-school Program 6-8th

No more levels.... 


This class placement is designed for our lower functioning students who cannot complete the steep academic requirements of a regular diploma. Basic academics will continue to be taught, but the emphasis is on the "skills" a student will need to be independent and functional. For example, a student may be taught money math, so that they are equipped to go shopping, or self care skills, like preparing yourself for a job interview . It is important to teach these skills now, so that the student will be prepared for their future as an adult. This path leads and prepares the child for the new certificate of completion that is the standard in Florida schools for most ESE students.

LCCL Eagles

This class placement is for the student who can complete most of the academic requirements that lead to the new vocational diploma OR a general diploma. These students may need a smaller program and a slower pace with more support in order to complete the foundational classes needed before entering ninth grade. Options for either diploma are discussed with the parent as the student moves through our middle-school program. Weak areas are further identified and recommendations are made as to what therapies or interventions are needed for the student to be successful. The focus of this class placement is mainly academics with some social skills.